World Dreams Peace Bridge Panel at
IASD’s annually conference in Rolduc 2016

Title: How the Dreams of the World Dreams Peace Bridge Prepared Me To Welcome Refugees

Author: Ralf Penderak

Good morning, dear appreciators of dreams!

I’m Ralf Penderak from Germany. I am a nurse.

I’m going to tell you how the dreams of the World Dream Peace Bridge prepared me to welcome refugees.

(Friends of the World Dreams Peace Bridge in Rolduc 2011)

One new thread in the web of the World Dreams Peace Bridge dreams and actions emerged in August 2015, my twelfth year in the group:

Mary Joyce Whitefeather dreamed:
“I had dream I heard Ilkins voice first, then she appeared to me, her face was clear to see, I was so excited to see her I said hey so great to see you, where have you been and what are you doing now? I must be dreaming because I know you passed away, she had very serious look on her face and said:”The Germans are coming to DC!”. I walked towards her to talk more about how she was doing, I heard bells, woke up. “

Ilkin is a deceased group member from Turkey, Mary is from the US, and I am a German.

(left picture Mary and Jean, right picture Jean and Ilkin)

A lively discussion started on the probable meanings of this enigmatic dream. One of these saw it connected to the war in Syria, where (among other nations) the United States, Turkey and indirectly Germany, as the European country accepting the most refugees, were – and are – involved.

Still unsure about the meaning of this dream, Jean suggested:
“Since the message came in dream state, that may be a good place to look for the answer to Ralf’s question too. “

I wrote: “Will look for Ilkin. [in dreams]“

The following night I dreamed:


Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Changing Levels – Feeding of Many

“With a group, in a corridor feeling like basement. There is a colorful monster. Or like some interdimensional energetic being. If anything it may remind of a huge insect, like a locust. So huge it fills the space.
It isn’t exactly a fight, though threatening atmosphere. The group watches it transforming and vanishing, though it seems it is just changing levels – vibrational state, getting ever smaller and ethereal until it is gone.
I leave before the process is over, with the comment: “It seems they never watched this movie” like it were an old hat.

Next I’m in another part of the building, or another building. I’m repeatedly changing from ground floor to basement, but I’m using a kind of hatch, and letting myself down using a pile of things, among them an old tube screen TV with a casing of wood – imitation. A., my sister in law comes and smiles like she often does, with a mixture of charm and jeer. She says I could also use the staircase. I feel like this is her/ their house. Of course she is right, but for some reason I decide to go on using this copious way.

Now in a city, I hear some voice talking about these primitive boats one can use for transportion. A large part of the city is in water, there are only few streets, and mostly channels. I got a list of ingredients for a larger meal, each I get at a different place, but I can’t even take all I need at once, but have to return. It is like a logical puzzle. I think about how long it would take using the narrow streets and ways around channels, but it seems impossible.

There is a child of four with me [it looks like it could be from some near east country), and now we get on this “boat” which isn’t more than a nutshell. There are no rudders, so I’d have to use my hands. I dare to depart, anyway, and soon find us drifting nearly helpless in the current of the channel. We barely make it to the other side, I fear for our lives.

Next I recall there is a larger party going on in my (our?) apartment. We feasted to a degree I have to decline offers for more helpings.

Next I recall walking city streets, and I’m short before entering my apartment (again), which seems to be part of a hotel occupying this multi level building. Just as I’m about to enter a group of young Turkish men hurries by. One calls my name, I’m surprised. Yes, he says, I know you. I don’t recognize him. The group is busy with giving Turkish food and raw vegetables, free for some. I get some food and a whole cabbage.

Upstairs again, the host asks me why I come with new food, while I declined his. I just couldn’t say no.”

End of dream.

In my comments on August, 24th I see the dream largely influenced by the discussion in our group and current political developments. I’ll focus on the central image of the dream:

“The part about the nutshell vessel is triggered by a video clip I saw yesterday about refugees in Macedonia. I was weeping as I saw how a refugee – father held his baby high against the caning riot police.”

The scene with the child (which looked near or middle east/ Arab) in the small vessel may especially serve as an example how the group process deepened my empathy, especially for persons from other cultures. It means sitting in the same boat as those escaping in their nutshells over the Mediterranean Sea, many losing their lives.

The relation to Turkey – Ilkin and my incubation of looking for her is there in my dream, through the presence of Turkish young men.

Part of the group process on the worlddreamspeacebridge leading to empathy for refugees is the simple fact our members come from many nations, and through dreaming and working for peace together they became friends to me over the years. Among others there are/ were fellow dreamers from Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Before my dream, on August, 24th, Bjo shared this dream:

I am talking with a foreign man perhaps German. I am not sure he has legal papers to be in the US. I am talking to him about my problem with a car, or something. He has the skills I need, but it is a bit dangerous because he might be illegal alien. …”
[She then tries to save this man from being uncovered]

Her dream matched mine in a way, as in my dream I was like a refugee sitting in a boat. Like one of these “illegal aliens”, and this match intensified my identification with refugees.

Only after I shared this dream of August, 25th (Changing Levels – Feeding of Many), with a scene playing in a “city in water” Carol came up with a dream of August, 24th:
“Ralf~One scene in your dream reminds me of my dream night before into morning of August 24th. I was in a place with water filled streets too. Someone there talking about how only happens during full moon and talking about having moon in Pisces.”

The commonality in our dreams lead me to more deeply consider the “flood of refugees” in Germany, and the emotional dimension of my dream. And btw my moon is in Pisces.

So much for the dream and it has inspired me to practically welcome refugees generally, and in my village, more specifically:

In September 2015 with colleagues of the University Hospital, where I’m working, I medically examined refugees – asylumseekers in a center some miles from my home. Many were from Syria, some from Afghanistan and other countries.

In November 2015 I met with a group in my village willing to help the Afghan refugee families, who just arrived. My task then was to go shopping with them – and my dream about gathering food became true!

In May 2016 in my village I facilitated a Children’s Peace Train workshop, with the motto: “What is peace in my life?”

(left picture: Hamid from Syria, and me nurse 🙂  )

And this is only one example of the weaving of dreams and actions on the World Dreams Peacebridge, which in this case prepared me to welcome refugees.

Thank you for your kind attention.