Resources using scientific approaches


How dreams behave in focused group dreaming, a paper by Ralf Penderak:

“Da – Fu Mu and Evolution”

“Quantum Discord and Psi Dreaming”, a paper by Ralf Penderak

Extended Capacities of the Mind

Understanding the psi – side in the experience of group dreaming needs research into the nature of consciousness, of the extended capacities of mind. This research has led to new scientific insights into the nature of universe, generally.

The following lecture may have a poor audio, it is the best up to date (2017) summary on the topic I found, which is publicly available:

Psychic Abilities and the Illusion of Separation ~ Dean RadinPhD

Comments and outtakes:

Skeptics say extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.

A Bayes factor of 100 (or 100:1) and above is considered decisive evidence, Radin says. I read elsewhere other very hard nosed skeptics insist on Bayes factors in the millions if it is about psi. I wonder if this is really scientific, or just an excuse for not considering the evidence.  Other scientists say the Bayes factor makes no sense at all, as a measurement for when you should change your mind.


Cumulative hit rate from Ganzfeld experiments alone:

Odds against chance: 300 trillion quadrillion to 1; p = 3 x 10 E -30; Bayes factor around 18 million to 1


Metaanalysis: Bayes factor around 25 Billion

Retrocausation / Precognition

Metaanalysis of experiments on presentiment (Psychophysiology)

p = 2,7 x 10 E -12; odds against chance 10 E 17; Bayes factor 10 E 13

Metaanalysis of experiments on retroactive priming, etc.

p = 1.1 x 10 E -5; Bayes factor 3853

Radin’s conclusions, which I subscribe:

It is reasonable to accept as scientific truth perceptions are unlimited by space and time.

Reductive materialism is proven wrong, incomplete.

Awareness, consciousness is fundamental.

The Science of Reality Creation

Besides perception, there is also an “action” aspect to mind, to intention and emotion, which apparently directly shapes physical reality, bypassing or transcending the generally accepted physical laws of causation, challenging the paradigm of reductive materialism.  Like with psi perception, these effects appear to be non – local (with some exceptions) and potentially trans – temporal. I think these findings can at least partially be transferred into the context of group dreaming, which will hopefully be more specifically researched in the future.

New Experiments Show Consciousness Affects Matter ~ Dean Radin Ph.D

Some figures from the video

Metaanalysis of “Consciousness Related Anomalies in Physical Systems” (random number generators) of Radin and Nelson 1988:

Close to 7 sigma (deviation from normal distribution) results, which should be very convincing, I’m sorry I didn’t find corresponding Bayes factor for these studies.

Bosch et al 2006: Examining Psychokinesis: The Interaction of Human Intention with Random Number Generators. A Metaanalysis:

Around 4 sigma, which is still convincing. Note the comments in the video. The authors didn’t believe their findings.

Other sources:

Meta-analysis of mind-matter interaction experiments: 1959 to 2000  by Dean Radin

From the abstract:

“The magnitude of the overall effect size per experiment is small, on average less than the equivalent of 1% for binary RNGs, but statistically the overall effect is more than 16 standard errors from chance.”