How to dream together

  • Do it!

  • We do it all the time.

  • Find out by setting up or joining a group and sharing dreams.

OK, this is the simple version. It IS simple.


What qualifies me to write a “How to” on group dreaming?

I’ve participated events of focused group dreaming ever since 2002, in different online groups, starting with the (I)ASD bulletin- board.

Since 2003 I’m a member of Jean Campbell’s World Dreams Peace Bridge, where we are holding monthly (and sometimes more frequently) Da – Fu Mu (dreaming peaceful solutions).

I also join Tzivia Gover’s 350+ dreamers intending balance and healing for our planet.

I participated different  (lucid) mutual dreaming projects, like Harry Bosma’s Lucid City, and a formal (lucid) mutual dreaming experiment which was the master’s thesis of Janet Garrett.

I am a member of Maria Cernuto’s psidreamers group since 2013, where we practice psi dreaming (which also means focusing on a shared goal) in its different facets, akin to the events / contests of the PsiberDreaming Conference (PDC) of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).

For some years now I’m co-hosting the Group Psi Game of PDC, together with Joy Fatooh and Maria Cernuto.

Participated close to every PDC ever since they started in 2002, also presented there and in IASD’s annual conferences on topics of group- , psi – and lucid dreaming.

They say group dreaming is easy!

There are many examples perfect strangers can dream together, if they focus on a shared goal. All it needs is focused intention and recalling dreams.

I just read about the “Dream Helper Ceremony” Henry Reed and Robert van de Castle developed in the late sixties (1)

Dream helper ceremonies bind individuals together in the common cause of helping someone in need. The dream helpers give freely of themselves during dreams, holding nothing back. A feeling of love, caring, and empathy envelopes everyone concerned—all hallmarks of Era III therapies. Seldom does any single dreamer grasp the full extent of the target individual’s problem. But when all the different insights are combined, a solution is often forthcoming. (2)

It is a perfect example of focused group dreaming. The dreamers involved back then were mostly strangers to each other. They had no prior training, they just DID it!

Jean Campbell in her book “Group Dreaming” relates similar experiences from her research in the eighties: “With the help of the dream teams we had proved, to our own satisfaction at least, that it was possible for ordinary dreamers of any age to control their dreams, to dream about specific targets or goals, to visit another person in dream state and remember it, when awake, and to do much of this lucidly. We had seen people accomplish some amazing feats of dream telepathy and precognition.” (3) Emphasis added by me.

And the story of group dreaming goes on, as you may see by the resources I shared on this site.

“There can never be too many dreaming of peace.”

So join us on Jean Campbell’s  World Dreams Peace Bridge

or become one of Tzivia Gover’s 350 dreamers (we are more than 1000, now) or

or play with us in the Group Psi Game and other events in the anual Psiberdreaming (online) Conferences

of the International Association for the Study of Dreams


Group dreaming is about waking up to the collective dimension of dreaming, and that is why I created this site, honoring the gift of this dream, especially:

Scarab Sex Healing Fossil Re-Learning 🙂

Wishing you deep dreams on your own way!



(1) Castle, R . (1999) Dreamscaping: New and Creative Ways to Work with Your Dreams. Krippner, S.  & Walden, M. (Eds.). Los Angeles, CA: Lowell House. (pp 11-18)

(2) retrieved from on August,11th 2017

(3) Campbell, J. (2006) Group Dreaming: Dreaming to the Tenth Power. Norfolk, VA: Wordminder Press. (p 73)

or follow this link for a short read of “Group Dreaming”  in google books (Chapter 3)