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Group Psi Game 2017

Processing the Group Psi Game

of the PsiberDreaming Conference 2017



What is the Group Psi Game?

Our intro:

Welcome to the Sixth Annual Group Psi Game! … we incubate dreams to see the right target picture, which will only be chosen in the future, … all participants dream together and then work together to solve the mystery in a fun and fascinating process that improves every year with participants’ suggestions.

It is an event hosted by Joy Fatooh, Maria C. Cernuto and Ralf Penderak, part of the annual PsiberDreaming Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

To give an overview, this was our schedule:

Monday, October 2
  • Group Psi Game Information Posted; Group Introductions
Tuesday, October 3
  • Group Psi Dreaming Begins
Wednesday, October 4, starting 12 noon EDT
  • Post dreams; Preliminary Discussion begins.
Thursday, October 5, 12 noon EDT
  • Four possible target pictures posted; Final Discussion and Voting begins.
Saturday, October 7, 6 p.m. EDT / 3 p.m. PDT
  • Group Choice Deadline. Target posted.

40 participants signed up for the game, 33 shared dreams.

32 dreamers cast a vote, ranking the four possible target pictures according to how close they see or feel them matching with all dreams shared in our group.


Wednesday, October 4th: Post dreams

Of all the more than 60 dreams shared I quote one of mine as an example:

Date: Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Title: Waxen Ramp on Campervan
Themes: exploration, love story
Emotions: bewilderment, concern, depression, hope
Major structural elements: tower – or tree – like, dark blue box (car), zigzag path, light brown irregular rectangles, fragile, waxen, outside, daytime
Unexpected elements: The waxen tower/ lookout on the car

Dream text:
It is daytime. Outside like in the countryside in a place between low bushes, I see the car of my flame, a dark blue Volkswagen T4 campervan. Something is attached to the roof, it looks like an upright ladder or lifting ramp. But it is made of irregular boards of light brown color, nearly translucent. I understand this is supposed to be a lookout. It looks like it has somehow grown upon the roof, or maybe like made of cooled down candle wax.
Similar irregular boards of maybe 6 m long and 3 m wide also cover the way between me and the car in a zigzag line, so there is a continuous connection between way and ladder. All these boards look fragile, like slices of candle wax.
I wonder how we are supposed to drive with this car like this, it would not fit under bridges.
Half awake pondering I understand something which would make driving possible. Fuzzy recall.

I boldfaced the elements in my dream I felt unusual, standing out, possibly relating to the target picture. (You don’t see it in the quote.  I boldfaced “upright ladder or lifting ramp” and “zigzag line”) I posted a picture with my dream:

Posted with a dream of Ralf Penderak as a submission for the Group Psi Game of the Psiber Dreaming Conference 2017

I commented on Oct 4:

It seems my feelings around my new partner and me had more influence on the incubation, while I set my mind to dreaming of the Group Psi Game target.

And this turned out true, though still my dream had some matches with the possible target pictures, as the reader of this blog may see.

Thursday, October 5th: Four possible target pictures posted; Final Discussion and Voting begins.

So these were the four possible target pictures, prepared by Joy Fatooh, unknown to me or any other person, especially unknown to the dreamers participating this Group Psi Game, when they dreamed and shared their dreams:

Four possible target images for the Group Psi Game 2017
Four possible target images for the Group Psi Game 2017

The following I commented after these four images were posted:

Post by Ralf Penderak » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:45 pm

Intuitively I go with the birds (B), from all the feathers and wings I saw mentioned while creating the list of dreams.
Also we had some dreams mentioning cliff, heights, or same such. But this would also go with the landscape picture (C).
My own dreams were weak on the psi side, I feel. My first one would favor C (camper, bushes, outlook, zigzag structures, light brown, my comments going into family)
My second night of dreams may fit with D, but even weaker, than my first dream.

This was one of (at a rough estimate) 100 and more messages posted, discussing commonalities of group – dreams and pictures, casting votes, revising votes, before the target image was chosen and published. It is this discussion, especially, which enlightens and drives us crazy, or all at once.  But I (and others) see it as the essential part of the Group Psi Game, regardless of hitting the right target.  We are getting to know our psi dreaming style, and we are learning to get a feel for psi elements in our dreams before they play out in the waking physical reality, in our everyday.

My vote: #1. C, #2. A, #3 B.  (#4 D)  Means I gave 3 points to C, 2 points to A, 1 point to B, none to D.

The votes of the entire group added up like this:  A: 44; B: 51; C: 67; D: 30

Saturday, October 7  Group Choice (Voting) Deadline. Target posted.

The selection of the target involves the outcome of a certain predetermined lottery played each day at 6 pm EDT (our deadline for voting). The winning numbers are added and broken down to a result (an integer) between 1 and 4, by a preset formula.  Also given is the way we relate numbers to pictures: 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D.

The outcome was 3-C, and the group rejoiced 😀 We hit the target!

Overall we did good in the years past, we didn’t always hit the target, though. Last year (2016) the target picture was only #2 pick of the group. The votes were like this: A:78 B: 35 C: 57 D: 52, with C being the target. 2015 Jesus (pic D) won and was #1 in group votes 🙂  A:60 B:36 C:34 D:74.

I don’t exactly recall the prior results, but will add once I know.

I hope this article inspires you to look for psi in your own dreams, and to join us in our next PsiberDreaming Conference.


International Association of the Study of Dreams

IASD Psiber Dreaming Conferences

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