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Scarab Sex Healing Fossil Re-Learning :)

Monday, June 5, 2017
Scarab Sex Healing Fossil Re-Learning 🙂

I’m outside in a rural landscape. Talking with an older woman with all grey hair. On some point she gifts me with a silver necklace, the pendant a scarab inside a scarab. I’m so happy, this one has the air of some authentic piece from Egypt, at least magical, sacred, it is taking the silver scarab I have to a different dimension. I examine the scarabs, the large one has two spaces separated by a layer. One side is more closed and showing the surface of a beetle, the other side is open and shows a grid of ornaments. I can move the small scarab inside from one side to the other, and there is even an exit, where I can take it out. I wonder how to make sure it isn’t lost.


I tell my colleagues about the present (now at work). Usually we are not allowed to accept presents, but they only slightly raise their brows and nod affirming. The woman has different surgeries to go through, and it appears she wants to share what she’s got, because it may well be she won’t make it through. She seems to be prosperous. …. I am holding her head between my hands, while she lays on the floor, I’m giving her healing, … [and  she helps me healing a past situation connected to sexuality I felt guilty about]



I feel the first dream [this was a row of three dreams] is the deepest, it goes into lucidity, awareness. The scarab I DO often wear is much like this in my dream, and it is a symbol of lucidity, it is the scarab, who holds the sun, the light of consciousness, in the journey through the night. Also there is a moon / female association through the Crowley/Harris tarot, it is the atu moon, and connected to astrological Moon in Pisces, like in my birth chart (in 6th house).

Also for me it means lighting up the darkness of unconscious / subconscious. Much more to say, so little time…


In the dream it feels like I inherit this one from an older, wiser woman, who gives from her abundance. And then there are my guilty feelings chiming in, if I

deserve, yes, I do.

…  The woman gifts me with awareness and healing powers, …


From further discussion in the World Dreams Peace Bridge:

M., I thought about the scarab in my dream, one more time.
I’m sure now it also means my personal search for the light, for lucidity is nested in a larger, collective awakening.
In my dream I can move my own little scarab inside the larger one, or entirely separate it.  Still have to find out what that means, exactly.

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  1. ralucid

    I omitted the “sex” part of my dream 🙂

    Only saying so much, that psychic healing can be regarded as an aspect of Eros, the all connecting principle of life. Dreaming together as in mutual dreams is also about psychic connection, so the gift of the wise woman is really encompassing. Through it she also guides my awareness to a collective dimension, or a more encompassing, wider frame, to say the least. That is why I feel the dream and its images fitting for my website focusing on dreaming together, group dreaming, mutual dreaming.

    Reply June 22, 2017 at 10:28 am

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