How the Peace Bridge Dreams a Brighter World

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On June 6th 2017, Jean Campbell, founder of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, gathered us for one of our traditional events of focused group dreaming we are naming” Da-Full Moon.”


Dear Bridge,


Several people said they wanted to celebrate the full moon this month.


Shall we Da Full Moon???  It’s happening tomorrow!  We could make it a healing moon for all the people on the Bridge …and …. for the world at large, no?








Besides we had a some more days until full moon, the broad intention was soon narrowed by

new tragic events,

adding to the row of terrorist attacks the world suffered this year:


Ghazaal (Iran, Tehran) writes on June, 7th:

“My dear Bridge,

If you have heard about the shots and the suicide bombing in Tehran

I just wanted to tell you that we are all fine. The childhouse is close to the [place] where the gunning and the bombing took place.”


The “childhouse” is a non-governmental school for Afghan street kids in Tehran, run by Ghazaal and her friends.  

Followed a discussion trying to guess who is responsible for the attacks, at first with Ralf, who was awake at the right time, soon Jean, Janet, Martha and Maria joined in, sending messages of love and support.


Remarkably Jean in her restless sleep that night dreamed of Ghazaal like this, unaware of the events in Tehran unfolding:

“…  I was with you, Ghazaal.  There was a large, round, blue ceramic vase on a small table with a white, lace cloth underneath.  The vase was about three quarters full with white chrysanthemums.  I was saying to you (and another woman) how nice the vase would look if I added some of the blue hydrangeas that are currently blooming outside my bedroom window.

Now I understand what that was about. Sending you flowers and beauty.  And so glad that you are safe!!”


Ghazaal replied:

“I completely connect with your dream! I will tell you how later :)”

And added on June 15th:

“I read Samaneh and Sahar Jean’s email and they were like “Aw! Jean is so kind and sweet!” I also told them that I thought the other woman was Samaneh because last Friday Samaneh and I went to buy flower pots of flowers and also some mint and tomato to grow at home.

Sahar couldn’t come so I thought the woman in Jean’s dream must have been Samaneh. But wait! It got even more exciting! We got together at Sahar’s place after the terrorist attack but I had to say goodbye to attend a class; Samaneh also left for home and guess what she saw on the table when she arrived home!

Yes! Mehrdad, her husband, had bought her the very same vase Samaneh knew Jean had seen in her dream! She was so excited she texted me and Sahar and said “I am almost having a heart attack!”…”


Dreaming with each other happens time and again, but still it is remarkable. Our group has a dream reality, a virtual reality online, and, yes, we do also meet face to face and enjoy this waking physical reality together!

It is events like these making me trust in the power of group dreaming, which plays out on so many levels. We are connected, some call it psi, other love.


After this extraordinary start of the incubation – phase,

more dreams flowed by under the Peace Bridge:


Martha Taylor (USA) seemingly played with the flowers of Jean and Ghazaal:


Martha, June 9th  “Rose bush for my garden”

“There are several bushes planted in two rows.  …  There is also a large rose bush which has gotten stuck to one of the other plants.  …  I stand and look out at the two rows of plants and see that there is an empty space on the right where I can plant this rose bush. I plan to do this.

Later I wait in line somewhere in the desert. …( I seem to be inside and see this young girl, 15 maybe) who says “Come on, come on, hurry up” She wants to finish her job and go home.  I am holding her up from that.”  

Maria (USA) wrote on June, 9th;

“Setting my intention to dream for healing for the Bridge… filling the reservoir with healing.”

and dreamed same date:

German Ambulance No-Show

“ …. I am stroking mom’s hair saying, “You’re going to be fine.” I start running healing energy through the crown of her head. It’s taking a really longtime for the ambulance to get there, so I just continue to run the healing energy through her – seems like I’m doing this for a longtime/20 minutes or so. …”  


Some dreams went into the topic of Islam,

which isn’t usually the case, despite the near and mid east being an important focus of our group:


Jeremy Seligson (South Korea), June,8th “The Prophet

In a dream I am in a Muslim country visiting a family in their small home. A little boy next to me tickles my throat with his hand and laughs. He says, “I can draw the prophet Mohamed riding a tricycle!” And I see it in my mind. The Prophet and the boy are smiling delightfully. Each person says something that gives them joy. (Note this is a dream – In all respect, I know in waking life images of the Prophet are forbidden by the Koran, but who can prevent one appearing on its own in one’s mind?)”

You may also count in Martha’s dream playing in a desert. (see above)


Ralf dreams on June 9th: “Across the Narrow Bridge

…  The place looks like a bazaar, at least like the core of an Arab town. …. I’m walking behind a man and woman around 30 or 40, who feel like Turkish, and they are pushing a trolley with the corpse of their father…. I say I brought your man, and I feel her, and everybody’s thankfulness coming over me like a warm wave. They are talking Turkish or Arab, I can only understand few words, all kinds of Muslim blessings. … The urn has turned to a cake, and it seems to be part of the ceremonies to share the remains of the dead body. I’m appalled…. chew on it, and it tastes just like – I don’t know, like anything, or everything at once. A cake, or a stew with the flesh. …



For my dream, at least, I can say this is a strange mixture of Muslim and Christian practice (or Nature religion’s magical thinking).  …


This was a big dream to me. An initiation.


Gina (USA), June 10th

“I was trying to rent office space,  … I went into an office and spoke with a man behind a desk… Then I noticed a knife on his desk. It was about 8″ long and curved, in a decorated red sheath. He said it was a knife used for circumcision. EOD


…. Circumcision is a tradition Jews and Muslims have in common. In the dream I felt that it was a bloody violent act against a helpless child.  …”


Jean, June 11th:

“Last night I had a long, rambling dream about being in a warehouse, business (shades of Gina’s dream) that dealt in making and designing clothing.  I spent some time looking at designs which appeared to be North African/ Arab, and very colorful and beautiful.  There were other people from the Bridge there, acting as workers in the factory. …”


I think this is one of the typical group dreams Jean frequently recalls, and more members of our group often dream of each other, or just feel the presence of the group in their dreams. I feel this represents our continuous and basic connection, like the constant whooshing of the river of dreams under the peace bridge.   


Ralf, June 12 “ Good Bye Full Moon Woman”


“A Turkish family and me sitting by the bed of someone, who seems to be ill (fuzzy recall), may be father or mother. I’m getting closer with a woman reminding me of S (a former partner with Turkish roots) …

Next I recall the full moon setting fills my field of vision, I’m in awe, …  I want to take a picture for my friends from the bridge, but the moon shrinks, melts and gets distorted … Then she fades away, …

I hear some say “it is the last time”, like we’ll never see the moon again. I think this is superstition, Medieval thinking….



I feel this is a good – bye to this intense full moon dreaming, and the voices are right in a way: This particular moon will never rise again, it is unique.


The dream apparently picks up where my dream “Across the Narrow Bridge” ended. In the times of S. and me, her father passed over, and we mourned together.


Also, Islam in Medieval times has been a hoard of knowledge, … Faded beauty, again, but something to remember today. These high times won’t come back, still Islam has a rational tradition which lives on …“


The dreams around Islam and the Muslim world aren’t necessarily bright. I see we are dealing with the darkness, but there is also much love and beauty about these dreams.


Beautiful is also the word coming to mind with Sherry’s dream, which feels like going right

into the heart of group dreaming:


Sherry Puricelli (USA), June 10th “MY DREAM”

“The woman, a young teacher that I haven’t met before turns and says to me, “Let’s try to dream the same dream so we can be in it together and we can keep each other close and keep each other safe.” We’re in a crowded space but I don’t care. With my eyes spilling over with tears, I pull her close, wrap my arms around her, and hug her tightly. We stand there just holding each other for a period of time. Then we slowly let go and each walk our own way. In that moment in the dream I realize we’re already doing it! I look around me and see the room full of people. We come from all walks of life, we’re so different from one another, we’re from great distances from one another, but here we all are. We’re dreaming this dream together.

[Comment] Wow, what a dream, right? My eyes fill with tears now as I recognize the truth and resonance.”


Also Joy Fatooh’s (USA) dream seemingly connects with the power of group dreaming:


Joy, June 11th:

“ ….I was doing a lot of flying, …  I was also aware that I’d figured out a long time ago that I didn’t really need to dodge power lines in dreams. But I chose in this dream to acknowledge and work with them, instead of dematerializing them. This seemed especially important to me when I came to a place that was sort of park-like with some gathering of people, and lots and lots of power lines crisscrossing directly above it.


Joy comments:

“If it’s a dream for peace, maybe it’s making a point about being aware of where the power is, and being cautious around it, and working with it….”


Some dreams on the first look don’t seem to apply to the

goal of incubation.

As I see it, Lean Sigrist’s (Switzerland) dream though does, especially taking in account his comments:


Lean, June 10th “A friend is pregnant and about to give birth”

“I was talking with C. … told me [her daughter] G. was pregnant and about to give birth. I was surprised I did not know about it. “


  1. was quite an influential person to me, since she is a psychologist and helped me with my interest in dreams …. More than a month ago I have hung an add at the psychological faculty where she works looking to form a dream group, and interestingly on the 10th of June many people were interested to form a dream group.  …”


I see relations to creative results of dreamwork,  So I’d say his dream is part of the larger weaving, wherein dreaming connects to activism, and this is typical of the Peace Bridge.

Lean some weeks later learned, that G. was indeed pregnant and gave birth to a girl!


The last dream presented is by Mary Whitefeather Joyce (USA). Among us she most frequently dreams of/ with Ilkin (Turkey), a group member who passed over a few years ago, but is still alive in our group.


Mary, June 10th “My dream”

Something about Ilkin, there was either a terrahrist attack or earthquake, she said “Istanbul! Ankara!” lots of chaos going on. Scene changes, we are huddled together as though protecting some woman, either her house collapsed or was explosion. Ilkin and I are holding up what appears a blanket, sleeping bag, brown color quilt, making a makeshift, Tent of some sort. … Sounded like she said something “Cocos plate” or the

quakes because of the cocos plate. … EOD. “


June 12th:

“Updating from my recent dream of Ilkin, i.e. earthquake…

Report came in just now a 6.3 mag. struck off coast western Turkey…”


In my eyes there are earthshaking conflicts all over the place in near and middle east. So this dream can be taken on a literal and symbolic level. Also it is a (potentially) an after death communication, similar to my dreams. Also Mary and me are connecting to Turkey.


So how does the Peace Bridge dream a brighter world?


Firstly, we are facing the darkness together. It is mainly through the lives of our friends around the world we are deeply connected to what goes on.

So on a psychological and social level we brighten up the darkness through being with each other, and making a difference to each other’s lives, creating light that radiates through who we are, and what we do. Our deeds range from a smile, from small acts of kindness to supporting schools in war torn countries. The personal is the political. We are taking the dreaming out to the world.


Secondly the friendship on the bridge usually transcends religion, and focuses on the task at hand: Creating a universe in which peace reigns. Still we are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, spiritual believers of many colors, agnostics or even atheists. We are representing the world of religion and spirituality in our group. We close to never talk about it, we are the peace we want to see in the world.


Last, but not least, one can put it in many ways: We act in an entangled universe. The experience of psi (dreaming) often serves to make us aware how profoundly connected we are. So comes the belief that we are making a difference to the world, which starts in our dreams and ripples in collective consciousness, or in dreamtime, if you prefer and from there spills over into the waking physical. Some call it psi, others magic or say: “It is all about love.”




Picture 1: “Afghan Kids in School Yard of Child House”

The children holding flowers, celebrating the start of the school year in October 2016.

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Picture 2: “Small Red Rose”

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Picture 3: “As – Sirat”

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Picture 4: “Full – Moon Woman”

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Picture 5: “Peace Bridge and friends at Rolduc 2016”

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